GameStop’s hiring frenzy amid “one of the biggest online transformations in history,” continues, as LinkedIn unveils the latest VP of Merchandising from Amazon.

The “hiring frenzy” first coined by the now former VP, Marketing Evan Smith in a February 2021 post highlighted by has reigned true, revealing GameStop’s success in acquiring new talent at a rate that can be compared to the likes of the hottest new startup.

One of GameStop’s favorites to poach from? Amazon.

Revealed on LinkedIn,  GameStop has now recruited  six-year Amazon veteran Rob Mayer to serve as GameStop’s Vice President of Merchandising, alongside the several other VPs of Merchandising with tech backgrounds.

At Amazon, Rob Mayer most recently served as Amazon’s Head of Vendor Management, Consumer Electronics. 

This supports the thesis that GameStop will likely continue to expand into a wider range of electronics, surpassing solely gaming hardware.

This isn’t where the story ends, though.

Upon the recruitment of Matt Francis as Chief Technology Officer in February 2021, began keeping track of GameStop’s latest hires using data from LinkedIn. While our last story highlighting GameStop’s recruiting released in May, the company has since doubled their new talent.

View an updated and interactive version of this sheet at Report & Models

GameStop has hired, from Amazon alone:

  • Matt Francis, Chief Technology Officer
  • Josh Krueger, Vice President of Fulfillment
  • Maggie McCanner, Sr. Director Product Management
  • Jenna Owens, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
  • Neda Pacifico, Senior Vice President, Ecommerce
  • Elliott Wilke, Chief Growth Officer
  • Phil Landis, Director Ops Integration
  • Sean McHugh, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Skyler Ramirez, Vice President, Instock
  • Joshua Flores, Inventory Specialist
  • Aaron Curtis, General Manager
  • Kristy Roach, Director IC/QA and Learning
  • John Crampton, Senior EHS Manager
  • Matt Furlong, Incoming Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Recupero, Incoming Chief Financial Officer

This indicates, from just what’s available to us publicly on LinkedIn, GameStop has poached double-digit Amazon employees, making an e-commerce centric pivot the clear trajectory.

Source: GameStop on LinkedIn

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