It has not been a great week for George.

GameStop CEO George Sherman has forfeited over 587,000 shares for not meeting targets laid out in April 2019. GameStop’s outgoing Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer Chris Homeister has also sacrificed over 119,000 shares, from July 2019. D’oh!

Forfeiture of restricted shares originally granted on 7/1/19 based on attainment of 0% of stated performance target.

According to regulatory filing, the boomer duo was forced to forfeit the shares based on an attainment of 0% of stated performance target.

Source: Sherman Filing, Homeister Filing

2 thoughts on “Sherman, Homeister Forfeit Over $100M in Shares

  1. They are billionaires either way… sucks that they can get so much for doing so little but that is how it has always been. I just wonder how much of this was planned out before hand? Did RC make a deal with them? These people have 10000x the number of shares I have, I had to pay 20x more to get mine and I’ve probably worked 100x harder in my life than he has and suffered 100x more. Hopefully RC is trying to re balance the universe!

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