Included in the release of today’s GameStop Q4 2021 financial results was the reveal of GameStop’s intended launch deadline for the incoming GameStop NFT Marketplace. first unearthed the existence of GameStop’s Official NFT project in May 2021 upon discovering a website that didn’t detail much besides a potential slogan for the project, and ever since then investors have speculated what GameStop NFT entails.

Prior to this, digital breadcrumbs had led us to that same point, detailing how Loopring’s technology could power a bridge of traditional e-commerce and blockchain and engineer the revolution of gaming.

With Immutable revealed as a technology partner in the potentially groundbreaking gaming marketplace in February, progress has undoubtedly been expedited.

GameStop has announced an expected launch date of the NFT Marketplace by close of Q2 2022 (July 31, 2022).

Business strategy

GameStop reported they are on a strategic path to fully leverage the company’s unique position and brand in gaming. The strategic plan is designed to optimize the core business while at the same time, pursuing strategic initiatives to transform GameStop for the future by expanding the company’s addressable market and product offerings to drive growth in the gaming and entertainment industries.

GameStop states their focus is on transforming into a customer-obsessed technology company to delight gamers, and is actively focused on:

Establishing ecommerce excellence.

GameStop aims to be the leading destination for games and entertainment across all channels and will scale up ecommerce operations to make the most convenient solution for customers. This includes app & site redesigns, improvements in fulfillment and delivery times, better product availability across all channels, and a further improved customer service experience.

Expanding selection to deliver a market-leading offering in gaming & entertainment.

Continue investing in expanding product offering to relevant categories for our customers, including becoming a leader in PC gaming, virtual reality, and other gaming products.

Leveraging existing strengths and assets.

Grow GameStop’s presence in the gaming community and increase market share through enhancing the value of the loyalty program and Game Informer assets while also expanding the scope of the buy, sell, and trade business to support expanded offerings.

Investing in new growth opportunities.

As the company scales and expands core offerings, GameStop will simultaneously invest in additional growth, including blockchain, digital assets (including non-fungible tokens, Web 3.0 technology, and new destination formats for retail stores. 

GameStop states they believe these future transformation efforts are an important aspect of the company’s continued business to enable long-term value creation for company shareholders.

Rollout Strategy

With Ryan Cohen insistent on not talking a big game, little remains known about GameStop’s NFT Marketplace rollout strategy.

“We know some people want us to lay out a whole detailed plan today, but that’s not gonna happen.You won’t find us talking a big game, making a bunch of lofty promises, or telegraphing our strategy to the competition. That’s the philosophy we adopted at Chewy.” — Ryan Cohen in June 2021

On March 4th, Robbie Ferguson, the Co Founder and President of Immutable, shared the first phase of the intended rollout on Reddit.

Robbie shared this graphic on Reddit.

Robbie also stated that Immutable is going to be dropping content over the next few weeks diving into what integration will look like, details on Immutable and GameStop’s vision for the space, and answering questions fans and investors and might have.


3 thoughts on “GameStop Announces Launch of NFT Marketplace By End of Q2 2022

  1. I have a feeling GME is actually huge pump and dump. A very sophisticated scam that takes the common pump and dumps to a whole new level. RC might just be playing the “good guy savior” character but his job is to make sure retail never had a chance. He has yet to deliver on protecting retail and most of us are down. I specifically invested in RC and the “turn around” along with the “DD”. It all seemed very legit… but of course the best scams are.

    The fact that the DRS numbers are so low essentially proves to me things are not what they seem. 8.9M and about 4M over a month. Most retail would have DRS’ed if they are going on. If the SI is really 140% or 250% or whatever then there should be far more DRS’ed and far more users on reddit. the 750k users in superstonk clearly is fake. I see on average around 15k users peak. There was 40k on earnings day… so lets multiply that by 10 just to give it a nice cushion. That is only 400k retail. That requires on average each person to have 100 shares just to own the float. It is very unlikely but “maybe”… but then that just puts the SI around 20-40%.

    Either it was all a very complex scam from the get go of which RC was part of the pump and dump, RC got played too and there was do shorting. Or the shorts did cover and that was the 4 spikes we saw and most people sold out that had significant profits and the rest of the imbeciles that bought high like me likely you simply did not have the cash to compensate. So we are all left holding the bags like any old good pump and dump scam. I hope I’m wrong but almost any too good to be true thing is and I should have went with my brain rather than with my emotions and letting all the hype push me in to yoloing without any real proof(sure we have all the DD in the world, means squat except the financial industry is nothing but criminal sociopaths).

    Everything is not as it seems. Something isn’t adding up in wonderland. Maybe RC was trying to squeeze the shorts(rather than retail) and the sneeze was suppose to be the squeeze but it didn’t work out and too many morons paperhanded. What ever is going on we can be sure the financial terrorists will continue to be protected by the US government(I’m assuming the US is ultimately the final boss).

    Anyone that is invested in GME should always keep in back of their mind that RC could be part of the scam. This is just to make sure you pay more attention rather than assuming something that does have a chance of being wrong. I still believe RC is a good guy and is trying but I’m not 100% convinced and you shouldn’t be either. Take Musk for example, most people think he is a genius and great buy but he’s really a con artist and there is plenty of evidence to prove it. None of the public documents about RC or DFV seem remotely negative but still… you never know in this insane world.

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