In a tweet that was immediately deleted, Ryan Cohen shared an image of the former mascot along with a nauseated face emoji. was a short-lived e-commerce business that sold pet accessories and supplies direct to consumers. It launched in August 1998 and went from an IPO on the Nasdaq to liquidation in 268 days. 

The company rolled out a regional advertising campaign using a variety of media (TV, print, radio and eventually a magazine). It started with a five-city advertising campaign rollout and then expanded the campaign to 10 cities by Christmas, 1999. The company succeeded wildly in making its mascot, the sock puppet, well known. The site design was extremely well received, garnering several advertising awards.

CNET named as one of the greatest dot-com disasters in history.

After liquidated, Hakan and Associates and Bar None, Inc. purchased the rights to the puppet under a joint venture called Sock Puppet LLC for $125,000 in 2002. Bar None, Inc., an American automotive loan firm, gave the puppet a new slogan:

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

GameStop investors are already beginning to dissect Cohen’s latest cryptic tweet, with a leading theory coming from DOMO Capital.

Hilariously enough, the mascot can be seen in a TV spot, taunting a delivery driver over his shorts.

Source: Kimmy CabreraminaWikipedia

 Update: As of 2:19 PM, Ryan Cohen has issued an updated tweet of the sock puppet, with the branding most notably removed. We can only assume his legal team advised against using Petsmart’s trademark.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Cohen Tweets Mascot

  1. Bluefrogcap says:

    In one of the commcerickas the sock puppet sings “What comes up, mist come down” and then says “Hey I have an idea, let’s do the opposite of everything I say!”

  2. Or the nauseated smiley could mean a whole other thing, maybe that is referring to the “swirly” part used in the logo, which could be interpreted as a hidden symbol of pedophiles, the “little boy lover logo” or “LBLogo”…
    FBI Pedophile Symbols:

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