If the first “Game Stopped?” U.S. House Committee on Financial Services hearing wasn’t enough political theatre for you then you’re in luck, as Rep. Maxine Waters states there will be two more at some point in the future. Looking at the February hearing schedule reveals they are not planned for this month, however, so we’ll just have to stay put.

The second hearing will include: “Experts on all sides of the issue.” Who could this be? Are they going to bring in experts on short interest? Does “all sides of the issue,” indicate individuals from GameStop? Ryan Cohen? Who knows.

The third hearing is what worries us: “SEC & regulatory response/solutions.” History tells us that the little guy is going to be the one bearing the burden of new regulations, in the guise of, “safer trading for all.”


3 thoughts on “Waters: Two More GameStop Hearings Ahead

  1. Hopefully the new “good cop” to head SEC will turn things around: https://www.npr.org/2021/01/26/960868526/biden-picks-gary-gensler-to-head-sec. The careless naked short selling could have crashed the market

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