Only two days after the largely disappointing Q4 and fiscal year 2020 earnings release, Ryan Cohen has tweeted once again.

This time, it’s another .gif from a comedy, Ted.

What does this tweet mean? Here’s some leading theories, mostly revolving around GameStop bears reactions to the stock gaining over 45% intraday.

  1. We’re getting higher

    • The gif is a bear getting higher. So this would make sense, but, a one-dimensional theory. We must dig deeper.
  2. Bears are fucked, getting choked

    • The most basic of all explanations. We’re getting high and bears are getting fucked. They can’t take the smoke and are getting choked.
    • Bears thought they’d get a smooth hit, can’t even keep it down (for more than a day after earnings).
    •  Now, the bears are coughing up a ton of wasted put premium.
  3. he’s referencing “Gorilla panic” quotes from ted

  1. we could expect news on 4/20

We’ll be sure to update this post as we dig deeper and discover new potential, speculative, meanings. Thanks Ryan for never letting us rest.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

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