Larry Cheng believes that some businesses have the potential to break the traditional paradigm – they can play chess while everyone else plays checkers.

Larry Cheng, co-founder and managing partner of Volition Capital, was the first major investor to back Chewy after the company was turned down numerous times by other firms.

Larry’s investment through Volition was key to the growth and expansion of Chewy, and as a result, Larry and Ryan remain “fast friends.” While GameStop is a different story than Chewy,  Larry’s involvement in the turnaround has become clear through his nomination and proceeding placement on GameStop’s Board at the 2021 annual meeting.

You can read more about the past between Larry Cheng, Chewy, and Ryan Cohen here.

At one minute after market close on Friday, Larry Cheng shares some of his thoughts on Twitter about companies breaking traditional paradigms.

Every company is a company. However, on rare occasion, some companies become movements. The company ends up standing for something much larger and more significant than itself. These companies break the traditional paradigm – they can play chess when everyone else plays checkers.

While it is not clear if GameStop’s latest board member is talking here about his philosophy towards the future of the gaming retailer, we can at least appreciate that he understands the greater impact a business can have on the world.

Source: Larry Cheng on Twitter

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