At 8:00PM, Roaring Kitty tweeted a wholesome clip of himself struggling to end his first livestream, with an addition on the end, cheering to the current stock price.

It appears that Roaring Kitty is wrapping up his public persona the way it began.

The official GameStop Twitter account, which recently began responding to customers, took the opportunity to thank the investor for all he’s done for the company, suggesting that  many great changes with GameStop are coming soon.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The GMEdd team applauds Keith “Roaring Kitty” Gill on everything he has accomplished as an investor and an influencer. Through his due diligence based decision making and devotion to his position, he has inspired both new retail investors and Wall Street alike. 

Thank you, Roaring Kitty.


Source: GameStop on Twitter, Roaring Kitty on Twitter

1 thought on “Roaring Kitty Tweets Farewell, GameStop Responds

  1. A man of the people.

    When he first started publicizing his investment strategy, it was clearly about finding value stocks. However, when presented with the opportunity to lead a financial revolution, DFV took hold of the reigns, and held on tight. Through the volatility, FUD/ self-doubt that we all experience, and the almost certain death threat DMs we’ve seen so many other lesser figures endure (Rensole, Pixel, etc.), he held. He didn’t sell and retire with his family, but he endured the pressure and gave confidence to the retail investors seeking to make a change.

    However history writes his story, we will always know that he changed the world. See you on the moon, Keith.

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