Low and behold, just minutes after we published our  Research Report & Financial Model, Zhiyuan Sun at The Motley Fool posted 3 Wildly Undervalued Stocks to Buy for 2021”  – and listed GameStop as #1!

We’re so glad that not only does Motley Fool agree with the severe mispricing of GameStop shares, but their own valuation is inline with our ‘base case’ scenario (value of $80 per share).

Oh, and remember the Citron fools who were supposed to smash the short thesis wide open today? Retreating. Apparently, they’re so smart to know and see more than everyone else in the market – but made the 1st year analyst mistake of booking a meeting without checking everyone’s calendars first…

1 thought on “Motley Fool Agrees With Us

  1. Citron says in store sales are down. This is truly shocking considering we are in a world wide pandemic with government mandated closures, followed by capacity limits, and other restrictions. This is the smoking gun for why Gamestop is doomed? Are you friggin’ kidding me. What a clown this guy is. I think I figured it out though. Citron Research is actually a parody account for a real research firm. Bunch of clowns.

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