Ryan Cohen has tweeted once again. 

Revealing yet another comedy interest, the tweet features a .gif from a scene in American Dad. In the .gif, the character Steve is saved from drowning by floating up through something rising in his shorts.

Shortly after the scene in the .gif from American Dad! Season 11 Episode 2, The Life Aquatic with Steve Smith, Steve says, “I’m better than okay. It took me being underwater to finally see things clearly.” The scene can be watched here.

The tweet’s caption works to cover Cohen legally, just in case anyone wants to attempt it.

Don’t try this at home

Some investors and tinfoil-hatters speculate that the caption, combined with the .gif,  could be in reference to GameStop’s rising value.

“Don’t use your shorts to get out from underwater”

Share your theories on what the tweet could signify in the comments and on the GMEdd Discord server.

1 thought on “Ryan Cohen: Don’t Try This At Home

  1. Someone mentioned that “don’t try this at home” could reference this article:


    Headline: Bond king Bill Gross says he made $10 million shorting GameStop
    First sentence of article: The phrase “don’t try this at home” was possibly made for moments like this.

    In other words: You’d have to be an idiot to be shorting GME now. It feels almost like a final warning… in case anyone missed his earlier “Oh Long Johnson” [long positions] incoming train tweets…

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