Ryan Cohen has tweeted once again.

He’s starting to tweet so much that we should probably stop covering each post. But alas, here’s our understanding of it.

At 12:02 PM EST, Ryan Cohen sent out a red heart to his over 161k Twitter followers. 

Ryan Cohen’s tweet on May 19th, 2021.

The surface-level meaning here is that Cohen is sharing some love for his loyal fans and investors. Thanks Cohen! ❤️

On the other hand, at 10:42 AM EST Elon Musk tweeted an implication that Tesla had “diamond hands” on their Bitcoin, amid rumors that it had offloaded the digital gold.

This is after Ryan Cohen had unfollowed the Technoking just 6 days ago.

When Roaring Kitty doubled down his GameStop position in April, Ryan Cohen seemingly responded with a simple one emoji tweet: a fist bump.

Ryan Cohen had also followed and unfollowed Roaring Kitty at one time.

While Elon Musk acknowledges the r/WallstreetBets community (the same community that famously picked up on Ryan Cohen’s GameStop investment while the majority of the mainstream media ignored it) through the use of the diamond hands emojis, Ryan Cohen could be responding to his support of both cryptocurrency and WSB.

GameStop has also expressed interest in crypto as early as April, revealed through a job posting on the company’s official career listings page.

Ryan Cohen has not re-followed Elon Musk at this time, and it is likely this is all just a coincidence, but what are investors if not speculators?

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter, Elon Musk on Twitter

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