GameStop Corp. today announced that it has appointed Jenna Owens to the role of Chief Operating Officer. The company has also appointed Neda Pacifico to the role of Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, and Ken Suzuki to the role of Vice President of Supply Chain Systems.

Ms. Owens brings approximately two decades of technology, operations, fulfillment, and supply chain experience to GameStop. Most recently, she was Director and General Manager for Distribution and Multi-Channel Fulfillment at Amazon. Ms. Owens has a start date of March 29, 2021.

Neda Pacifico, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce – Ms. Pacifico, who previously served as Chewy’s Vice President of E-Commerce, has a start date of March 29, 2021. She spent nearly four-and-a-half years at Amazon in a variety of customer insights and marketing roles prior to joining Chewy. In her new role, Ms. Pacifico will lead initiatives in areas that include analytics, UI/UX and product design.  

Ken Suzuki, Vice President of Supply Chain Systems – Mr. Suzuki, who previously served as Zulily’s Vice President of Supply Chain Technology, has a start date of March 29, 2021. He has more than two decades of experience in the e-commerce, informational technology and software engineering areas. In his new role, Mr. Suzuki will be responsible for all systems and software related to GameStop’s supply chain, including order management systems (OMS) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Source: GameStop News Release

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