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Our financial model has been made open and widely available to the public to facilitate transparent, productive discussion around “fair value” of GameStop Corporation shares

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  1. Molly Salyard says:

    Your report is Clear objective and measurable-Something I cannot say about the recent finantial ‘talking heads’.

    Thanks for your work-Especially the fact you did not use the ‘usual’finantial jargon that I believe keeps people out of the finantial word-And I think that is why-So many use it.

  2. Wondering what’s your take on the “increasing digital game sales” negatively impacting the market size of physical games? In the model, I don’t see a scenario where the (physical) games attach rate per console decreases over time. Do you see evidence that suggests that the digitalization of game sales is not as fast as people think?

  3. GME to the MOON says:


  4. I am with you.. GME buy and hold.

    congratulation for your side shot to the market makers !

    me -in the markets since 2006 and know the broker bandit behavior very well.
    -not surprised at all about “roobinhood” and brothers. good that the fouling apple are so clear and public now.
    If you don’t mind, I will post some very useful tip (people teacher), for successful trading in the shark tank,
    to understand and read the market mover footprints, they leave.
    so much bullshit and colorful indicators out there, they make you loose money only.

    First of all, watch the video from Anton Kreil Annihilates Retail Brokers (yout) -about the trading industries over -2 h

    and that you get an idea, what am I talking about, look in tradingview at the FX analyses from transparent-fx the Italian young guy.

    greetings Oliver from Bavaria, Germany

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