The ICR Conference is an annual event where public and private company management teams, institutional investors, sell-side research analysts, investment bankers, private equity professionals and select media connect with one another with the goal of understanding consumer trends and public company prospects as the year begins.

GameStop was scheduled to present on the last day of the ICR Conference on January 13th, under the retail category. GameStop analyst Justin Doperiala at DOMO Capital caught this minor, yet massive tweak.At some point in the last few days, GameStop was shifted from the Retail & Consumer category on the 13th to now present under the Technology category, after-hours, on January 11th. What does this mean? Management may not be so incompetent after all. They clearly requested the category switch and have something TECHNOLOGY related to share. M&A? Strategic shift/review? DIGITAL FIRST OMNI-CHANNEL?!? Who knows. 

We’ll be tuning in and sharing what catalysts may ensue.


Ryan Cohen’s new corporate attorney, revealed in the Schedule 13D filed on December 21st, provides strategic guidance to hedge funds and other investors in matters concerning shareholder activism, proxy contests, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and other related matters.

Ryan P. Nebel has experience advising shareholder clients regarding Schedule 13D investments in public companies and activist strategies, including proxy contests, withhold campaigns, consent solicitations, settlement negotiations and hostile takeovers.

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Ryan P. Nebel on

The founder of Chewy has increased his stake in GameStop.

Activist investor Ryan Cohen, founder of e-commerce giant Chewy, reported in a Schedule 13D filing that he’s increased his position to a 12.9% stake (9,001,000 shares) in GameStop Corp.

Over 9,000,000 shares. We see what you did there Cohen.

Ryan Cohen’s 13D Filing from December 21st 2020

The shares cost RC Ventures $75,899,399, excluding brokerage commissions, according to the filing.

RC Ventures purchased shares as low as $13.80, and as high as $16.02.

Source: RC Ventures 13D

On December 16, 2020, Rod Alzmann of joins Modern Guilt to discuss GME.

In this episode of Modern Guilt, GameStop stock analyst extraordinaire Rod Alzmann discusses all things GameStop as the company transitions through its most turbulent period to date and investors attempt to react accordingly. Rod also shares his thoughts on the stock market and economy more broadly, the pandemic, and what 2021 might hold in store.

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