The SEC updated their Failure to Deliver (FTD) data today, covering the period starting March 1 through March 12.

Go figure, GameStop had FTDs every single day!

This is not a new trend, and highly unusual for any stock. Since we’re all about open source information, I’ve pulled together a file of all the fails since last July. I’ll refrain from speculating on what this means here.

Click here or on the download icon under the table to investigate the data on your own.

Source: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

5 thoughts on “SEC Failure to Deliver Update

  1. Total = 56,913,654
    From the time they dropped it down to 50$ the number was 1,003,665 or 1/70th of the shares.

    I don’t know if anyone can properly estimate how many FTD’s and naked shorts are really out there since one would have to know how much was covered and the naked shorts themselves that haven’t FTD’ed.

    Over September 14,674,619 FTD’s at 124,025,961$ which would be 200$*14674619 – 124000000 ~= 2B$.

    200$*56910000 ~= 10B

    If Citadel covered 3B this could have covered MC’s position. Assuming they were the only one in on the game this might mean that MC’s position is covered and may be playing both sides(or always have been using some other tricks or it is an elaborate scheme to defraud retail and others cause in the net, we’ll know soon enough).

    If who ever was creating the FTD’s(probably MC and Citadel were working as a team and Citadel paid Melvin to avoid the margin call and drag them down with it) has not covered a single share and they and/or others have continued to short then we could guess that it could be over 200% float. Let’s just say it was 200M shares, 200M*200$ = 40B$. 20B$/70M ~- 570$ a share. We know during the first squeeze the price almost reached 500$ and RH prevented that, RH probably also is working with Citadel(which know they also got bailed out by Citadel).

    If these guys have unwound there position and taken the losses then we should expect a higher price than 200$.

    Most likely they created X number of FTD’s when the stock was low and profited in the process and then when the stock skyrocketed they probably continued to short thinking it would be a temporary spike. The 3B Citadel gave MC was probably not to cover losses but to provide funds to short and possibly prevent or stop a margin call.

    The SEC should be forced to provide every transaction with each share with a serial so that every transaction can be tracked. These lunatics want to continue to enrich psychopaths and put humanity on the brink.

    Only time can tell us what really is going on. All I hope is that the good guys win. Enough is enough with psychotic fuckers.

    Watch “The Corporation”, “Inside Job” and others. Literally these man children are destroying humanity.

  2. Also, We know they are doing similar shit to a lot of companies given how close the charts correlate. This suggests they may be in it far deeper and simply have massive manipulation across the entire market which they can’t handle and were never expecting to get caught. If that is the case they are in far deeper trouble because it is unlikely they would take losses but try to ride it out.

    I hope the movie is made really well and that for those of us experiencing this in real time on the outside have a lot of the blanks filled in. I hope they start executing these psychopaths rather than rewarding them, enough is enough.

  3. William M Toler says:

    I’m a first time poster and this is not spam. A legitimate question.

    Is there a NET FTD report that is published? These have most likely been covered over time. If they haven’t been covered at all, the sub totals in just this report shows 56,913,654 shares or $1.8 Billion in value that somebody owes shareholders. There’s no way that can be right can it?

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