Yesterday, we covered Ryan Cohen‘s mysterious following of Roaring Kitty, the beloved $GME investor icon. Since our post, Cohen has unfollowed Roaring Kitty, along with The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. 

We hate to sound like gossipers, but the new follows are intriguing and worth keeping track of.

On February 3rd, GameStop hired Matt Francis, Amazon Web Services’ engineering lead, for a newly created Chief Technology Officer position. The following day, Ryan Cohen follows Steam, Electronic Arts, SEGA, Call of Duty, EA Sports, Xbox, and PlayStation on Twitter. 

On October 8th, 2020, GameStop announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft/Xbox . Is it possible that there is a tech partnership with one of these companies in the works as well? We’re not sure.

We know that Cohen has been silent throughout all of the recent price action, and that he could be using his following as a way to communicate with his base.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Cohen Follows Gaming Giants

  1. GMEFOREVER69420 says:

    I like to keep expectations low but Cohen rarely touches Twitter, so why would he suddenly go on a spree of following/unfollowing accounts? The most interesting part of this is that he followed DFV but then he unfollowed him. It could be that he’s giving a signal to the GME longs that plans are underway but I guess DFV’s recent legal troubles might also be the reason why Cohen unfollowed him. Idk, I have a strong feeling that Cohen isn’t doing this for no reason haha.


    • Agreed, Cohen knows we would take note of him following accounts, and the timing alongside the CTO hire is too coincidental. I thought the same, that Cohen could have unfollowed DFV due to any legal concerns. The last thing either of them need is Maxine Waters claiming that they are friends.

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