At 2:00PM EST today, the official @GameStop on Twitter has tweeted a man on the moon.

Been away for the past few months. What did I miss?

The photoshopped image depicts an astronaut relaxing on the moon with a cold glass of Carlsberg beer in his grip. The astronaut is lounging with his feet also on a Carlsberg branded cooler.

GameStop took the opportunity to photoshop their shortened “GS” logo onto his armband.

The tweet was sent out via Salesforce Social Studio, which indicates it was likely posted by a social media manager put in place under the transformation team, as this platform wasn’t utilized by GameStop until recently.

Source: GameStop on Twitter

May 12, 2021 Editorial Update: A Reddit user claims to have spoken with GameStop’s SVP of Customer Care Kelli Durkin, who stated that the Marketing team made the post, and her customer service team has been trying to have fun and keep up with the responses.

Source: RyanCohenIsMyDad on Reddit

2 thoughts on “GameStop Tweets Man on the Moon

  1. GrantBison says:

    Carlsberg recently conducted a share buyback program:

    tin foil hat connection but may be something

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