Ryan Cohen has tweeted once again. 

This time, it’s a gif of the bear from Ted seemingly enjoying himself, but then surprisingly turning around to share with us he’s shaking up a martini.

At this point, we’re not even sure if Ryan’s trying to send us all a cryptic message, or he’s just dicking around.

Some speculate that it could symbolize bearish investors “jerking off” to GME falling for years, while shorting. Then GME turns around (transforms) and pours a drink to celebrate.

The bear celebrating could also indicate that Ryan Cohen has good news from within the GameStop management executive shake-up.

GameStop has also filed a Form 4 with the SEC today for George Sherman’s forfeiture of 2020 performance-vested restricted stock award, as agreed upon in the Transition and Separation Agreement, between GameStop Corp. and George E. Sherman

Could this be the 4/20 surprise some were anticipating?

Click here for the video, in case Ryan Cohen removes it.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

4 thoughts on “Ryan Cohen Tweets Bear Jerking Off

  1. Just a noob says:

    While I don’t think this read fit the tone Cohen has been using thus far, another read of the gif:

    It could be a warning?

    It looks like the bears are just goofing around, jacking off, but they’re partying/benefitting?

  2. I think it is in poor taste to write this headline. I guess that was the joke, but it was clearly meant as a double entendre and not literally what was happening.

  3. Jimmy Falcone says:

    007 likes martinis, SEC passing law 007?????
    Could also be that the bears are shaking (worried)

    Just My Translation on the GIF…

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