Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC’s Mad Money, still can’t stop ranting and raving about GameStop. It would be absolutely mad to try and cover all of his tweets about the company and Ryan Cohen, some of which are incoherent, so we are just highlighting the most notable.

Gamestop putting together a dream team.. Really impressive.. They must have a plan that is not what we see now

This tweet was penned in a reaction to GameStop appointing a new Chief Growth Officer from Amazon, and two more VPs from Ryan Cohen’s Chewy.

While we are uncertain how deep Cramer has looked into GameStop, he is undoubtedly fascinated by the transformation effort frenzy and holds a powerful influence in the financial world. Cramer is finally seeing what we’ve seen for months.

GMEdd.com has extended an invite to Cramer to discuss GameStop amongst like-minded traders, but Cramer has not yet responded.

Source: Jim Cramer on Twitter

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