Ryan Cohen has tweeted once again. At 1:36 PM on Thursday, April 8th, Ryan Cohen has opted to share a reference to the latest GameStop news: That he will be the chairman of the board.

Luckily, we don’t feel the need to delve too deep into this one. It’s a pun on the term “chairman,” if your smooth brain didn’t quite get it yet.

GMEdd’s deep research has tracked down the original, which was a print advert for Berlitz, a japanese owned language education firm, titled “Happy Hour,” linked here: adforum.com

This morning, reddit user u/ButtFarm69 (Seriously) added Ryan Cohen’s face onto the photo and posted his artistic creation on the subreddits r/Wallstreetbetsnew and r/SuperStonk. Ryan Cohen sinfully removed u/ButtFarm69’s watermark from the bottom right of the meme.

Thanks for making us all share a laugh, Cohen. Now we know you’re watching, and hopefully sharing a laugh too.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

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