Seems like it was just yesterday that Ryan Cohen, GameStop’s incoming Chairman, last tweeted. Oh, that’s because it was.

At 9:02 PM on April 25th, Ryan Cohen has shared a gif from South Park where a character named Ryan “Tim Tebows” on train tracks while his friends shout, warning him of an incoming train.

Joe Fonicello of GMEdd was fast to track down the scene behind this gif, which is from Season 16 Episode 3.

In the episode, a memetic trend emerges called “Faith Hilling”, a derivative of planking. After the boys perform this prank on stage at a 2012 Colorado Republican Presidential Debate, the entire fourth grade class of South Park Elementary is required to take a safety education class in which they are taught the dangers of memetic trends with a graphic educational video showing people dying gruesome deaths when they are hit by trains while “Tebowing”.

Ryan Cohen could be using this clip as a nod to the shorts who had more than enough time to react to RC’s GameStop takeover. 

The train was coming, all they had to do was stop ignoring the warnings and look for it and turn around.

Source: Ryan Cohen on Twitter

2 thoughts on “Ryan Cohen Tweets Incoming Train Warning

  1. People are going to be shocked at how awesome the future of Gamestop is going to be. You just watch. It is going to be one amazing place.

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