Wall Street analysts say the appointment of Ryan Cohen, the co-founder of Dania-based online pet store Chewy, to Texas-based GameStop’s board of directors Jan. 11 was a key element in sending the game retailer’s share price from about $21 at the end of 2020 to a closing price of $347.51

Ryan Cohen is expected to be under Securities and Exchange Commission quiet-period rules given his recent board appointment to GameStop Corp. As a result, Cohen has yet to speak with any media since the recent price action, but felt the need to respond to a request by the Miami Herald, as it is his local publication.

In an email, Cohen told the Miami Herald, “As you can imagine, I can’t comment at this time,” without elaborating. 

As much as we want to say, “Thanks for nothing, Cohen,” we’re glad to hear anything from him, even if it is, in fact, nothing.


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