GameStop’s latest board members and executive hires have done a great job ignoring the noise and focusing on their vision.

When Cohen took a board seat in January, he brought along Alan Attal and Jim Grube as fellow directors. Attal, a longtime friend and business partner, helped found Chewy and oversaw operations and marketing. Grube worked on Chewy’s customer acquisition model, which paved the way for its rapid growth. 

Amidst the rapid price-action in early 2021, Ryan Cohen responded to a request to speak to his local publication Miami Herald. Similarly, Jim Grube has taken the opportunity to publicly respond to a Dallas Morning News article, likely because they are a publication local to Grapevine, Texas.

The article, headlined: Ryan Cohen brings vision to struggling GameStop. Now, he must deliver., starts out by stating that perhaps no one, not even the day-trading hero they call Roaring Kitty, is more responsible for the improbable 700% rally in GameStop Corp. this year than Ryan Cohen.

The article concluded that the Grapevine-based video game company is in a strong position financially to execute Cohen’s plan.

In response, Jim Grube has stated:

A lot of work to do and challenges to overcome, but excited for the opportunity.

“The stock speculation aside, there is a great deal of potential for GameStop,” DFC Intelligence’s Cole said. “Someone like Cohen may be able to help unlock that.”

Source: Dallas Morning News, Jim Grube on Twitter

April 29th 2021 Editorial Update: Jim Grube has since posted the story on his LinkedIn, with the caption “Buckle-up!”

Source: Jim Grube on LinkedIn

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