The loose collective of retail investors with a distinguished fascination for GameStop tracing back to 2017 founded to immortalize the research and high-quality due diligence that the community put into the investment thesis — to prevent it from being drowned out by any attempts to mislead or confuse public discourse on the company’s value. 

On January 20th, 2021, as GameStop Corp. traded at $39.36/share on the New York Stock Exchange, released their first research report outlying a case for an extraordinary $169.00 bull thesis, rebuting naysayers and self-interested short sellers who maintained the stock would plummet back to $20 fast.

And at the time of our initial report’s publication, there was tremendous need for the honest, independent discussion of the company’s value that we hoped to foster. At $39/share, the company had rallied more than 400% from Ryan Cohen’s initial 13-D filing, but remained undervalued even by conservative estimates. 

However, traditional media outlets were working overtime to cast the rally as illegitimate. Andrew Left’s Citron Research was toying with the public and suggesting longs were “suckers at this poker game”, and even attempts to share research on “retail investor friendly” platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Stocktwits were met with posts being removed and obfuscated.

Since then, GameStop has persisted on discreet public relations, while overhauling the company’s leadership and talent to gear up for a game-changing metamorphosis, as detailed in’s GameStop’s Impending Market Disruption through an Unprecedented Transformation.



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