Found through internet sleuthing, unveils what will become GameStop’s venture into the rapidly growing crypto and non-fungible token space.

In April, covered how GameStop was beginning to look for talent in the rapidly growing NFT sector, and it is now official.

The website, although minimal, asks for those interested in working on the project to reach out. 

GameStop looks to be working with Ethereum’s chain for this project, judging by their usage of the Ethereum logo.

A potential slogan for the project is also unveiled:

Power to the players.
Power to the creators.
Power to the collectors.

There is also a crypto wallet address listed on the site, featuring the gamer code “1337.” The address begins with 1337420.

0x13374200c29C757FDCc72F15Da98fb94f286d71e reveals that this address is associated with a GameStop Token, and also features an ascii-art message for those “anons” who took the time to look it up.

Within the source code, on line 936, the launch date of GameStop Token is revealed, in unicode: 1626261600

This indicates that GameStop token has a public launch date of July 14th, 2021, at 4:20 AM PT. also reveals that the first GameStop Token was minted only 28 minutes after Ryan Cohen’s American Dad .gif tweet last night. A total of .42069 ETH was transferred to a multisignature wallet contract, which is a way of setting up a wallet that may need more than one signature to authorize transactions.

"description": "Gamestop NFT", 
"external_url": "",
 "image": "ipfs://QmaLEchFaE7FWhc4MCvYMqoTdK8rV1yfjEC5Bz4jzQRbjS",
 "name": "Gamestop NFT" 

Engineers and nerds alike have discovered that GameStop is hosting this webpage on IPFS, an incredibly forward-thinking initiative for the company. IPFS is essentially a decentralized internet, which protects developers from single-point-of-failure risks. You can read more on it here on 

Christopher Bell, GameStop’s Senior Product Manager, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, has announced that he’s happy to be a part of the NFTeam at GameStop. 

Power to the Players!

Hidden in the top right of the webpage is a dead pixel that links to a game reminiscent of the dinosaur jumping game from Google Chrome, but this time it’s a banyana, a cat in a banana. This is likely a nod to Roaring Kitty and the “ape” movement.

In the game, the further you progress, the closer you arrive to a full moon in the sky.

Source: GameStop NFT,

June 2nd 2021 Editorial Update:  Clarification on the first GameStop Token transaction.

9 thoughts on “GameStop Unveils Official NFT Project

    • Matthew Lewellen says:

      Well, yeah, tits super jacked! We’ve needed change in the video game world for some time. Something new, fresh, productive, profitable. Today’s youth don’t just want to sit in front of a TV and shoot at stuff, they want to expand their minds and portfolio’s as well. I suppose if you’re 30 living in mom’s basement but doing some high tech next gen brainiac stuff, making tendies, not so bad, really. Power to the Players, even in Mom’s basement. (I am not in Mom’s basement, anymore, lol)

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