If you’ve been following along, the stock/borrow and market structure anomalies around GME are bigger stories than the price volatility. A lot of respect and credit to the folks behind this site for pulling those threads together.

Not enough people are talking about this. Would it be okay if 1%, 2%, 4% of your bank deposits failed to show up? If 3% of airplanes crashed?

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Yesterday, we covered Ryan Cohen‘s mysterious following of Roaring Kitty, the beloved $GME investor icon. Since our post, Cohen has unfollowed Roaring Kitty, along with The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. 

We hate to sound like gossipers, but the new follows are intriguing and worth keeping track of.

On February 3rd, GameStop hired Matt Francis, Amazon Web Services’ engineering lead, for a newly created Chief Technology Officer position. The following day, Ryan Cohen follows Steam, Electronic Arts, SEGA, Call of Duty, EA Sports, Xbox, and PlayStation on Twitter. 

On October 8th, 2020, GameStop announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft/Xbox . Is it possible that there is a tech partnership with one of these companies in the works as well? We’re not sure.

We know that Cohen has been silent throughout all of the recent price action, and that he could be using his following as a way to communicate with his base.

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GameStop Corp. today announced that it has appointed Matt Francis to the newly-created role of Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Francis has a start date of February 15, 2021.

 Mr. Francis brings more than two decades of experience in e-commerce and consumer technology to GameStop. Most recently, he was an Engineering Leader at Amazon Web Services… At GameStop, Mr. Francis will be responsible for overseeing e-commerce and technology functions. 

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The RC Ventures transformation is starting to to be recognized by the mainstream.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, calls into ‘Squawk Alley’ on CNBC to defend his thoughts on GameStop investors and share some of Ryan Cohen’s story.

Ryan Cohen has had success with Chewy.com, now he put up a lot of his own money and bought 12 – 13% of the company. Now, he’s truly an owner. 

Owning that much stock, he put himself on the board, he put other individuals on the board.

Mark Cuban takes his final minutes on the program to explain supply and demand, a concept that seems foreign to most of the talking heads.

Source: CNBC